Tire Change

Tire Change Like a Boss with 5 Steps!

If you own or drive any type of vehicle, you should definitely learn how to change a tire. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, your car didn’t mind whether it is owned by a man or a woman either. Besides, getting a flat tire can happen to anyone, anytime and you can’t be sure if you will be near to a car shop or a gas station when that happens.

Therefore, it is also part of your responsibility to bring around an extra tire while on the road. In other words, you should be a boy scout or a girl scout all the time. When the time comes that you need a tire change, never panic. Stay focused on the wheel and take note of these 5 steps to change tire like a boss!

Step #1. Get everything you need

Car manufacturers always include a spare tire and essential tools on their brand new cars. Its spare tire can be seen under the floor of your trunk as well as some essential tools. But other car manufacturers may put it inside a tool box instead and place the spare tire at the back your car. It should include a diamond jack, a tire iron, and the spare tire.

Step #2. Loosen the nuts

Before jacking up your car, loosen all the nuts first. Then, put the tire iron on one of the nuts and use your whole body force to loosen it. Make sure the nuts won’t strip because it will be harder to remove them if its edges were stripped to round. If your tire got a wheel cover, make sure to remove it first.

Step #3. Use your jack

Jack it up after you’re done losing all the nuts. Your jack can be opened and closed through twisting its attached lever either clockwise or counter-clockwise. If your jack doesn’t have a lever, you can use your tire iron to turn it in either direction. Make sure to place the jack at the right location to push your car up to avoid denting or damaging your car’s frame.

Step #4. Remove the tire

Unscrew the loosened nuts with your hands and pull your tire off and replace it with your spare tire.

Step #5. Tighten all nuts

After replacing your tire, put all the nuts back and tighten it. Make sure all nuts are tightened well before you lower the car again and remove the jack.

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