Emergency Flat Tire Service in West Palm Beach, FL

Flat Tire Emergency Services

Emergency Flat Tire Roadside Assistance Services

Wellington Towing offers a wide range of roadside assistance services, including flat tire services!

If you encountered a flat tire already while on the road, you probably know how annoying it is to postpone your errands. As much as you want to avoid inconvenience, getting a flat tire can surely hinder you from arriving at your destination at the right time, with the right mood. Thus, it is really important that you know how to change your tires in a safe and quick way no whatever your gender is.

Here are top 3 tips on how you can perform a safe and quick way to change your flat tire:

  • Pull over your car safely

This is the first thing you have to so since you would want to steer clear of the incoming vehicles while changing your tire. If you there are safety cones or warning triangles that you can use, put them beside your car and turn on your hazard light. Make sure that you have an enough space on your shoulder to avoid further accidents.

  • Inspect your tire

Once you have pulled over to the safe side of the road, do an inspection of your tire. Check if there is a sharp object that damaged your tire. If you noticed that there is no embedded object in it and it just lost some air, getting to the nearest gas station can solve your problem. Inflating it back to normal can get you back on the road. But if it got an embedded sharp object in it that can’t be solved by air, it’s really time for you to change your tire.

  • Change your flat tire

If your flat tire is caused by a punctured object, never take the risk of driving it further. It will only cause more damage to your rims and other repair costs.

Wherever you are, put your safety first when changing your tires. In case that you don’t have a spare tire or a near auto shop, call your roadside assistance service provider right away. Call a reliable towing company in your area; call Wellington Towing for an emergency flat tire service!