Wheel Lift Towing Services in West Palm Beach, FL


Wheel lift towing, which is basically done by drawing the front or rear wheels of a small vehicle by mostly hydraulic hoists, is a type of towing that is considered to be the most practical towing service. Technically, it lifts your vehicle by using your car’s suspension, enabling the towing vehicle to pull your connected car. It is also known to be the cheaper tow service and more suitable for vehicles weighing around 10,000 lbs, rather than any kinds of towing.

To view things generally, here are the various advantages and disadvantages when choosing a wheel lift towing service.

The wheel lift method is relatively the easiest mode of towing for any road emergency. It is the fastest way among other methods, and it does not require complex equipment and towing expertise for everybody. It is one of the earliest known methods of transporting vehicles, and to this day, numerous innovations are incorporated to wheel lift towing methods that significantly improved its functionalities.

Almost all towing company offers a wheel lift tow service, making it one of the most accessible types of towing service available in every location. Minor road emergencies such as engine failures are most efficiently solved using this method.

Despite the ease of use and cost efficiently of wheel lift tow services, it still has its own disadvantages.

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Wheel lift towing services has only minimal applications to vehicles. Some variety of the vehicles are not suited for wheel lift towing, such as motorcycles, and most commonly, low and heavy vehicles. In these situations, the more effective option for towing is flatbed towing services.

On the other hand, wheel lift towing is not the most ideal for the necessity of towing in severe scenarios. Why? Wheel lift towing is not meant to incorporate damaged vehicles, as there will be less protection when towing your vehicle in the means of wheel lift towing.

The towed vehicle is exposed to the road during the ride, which results to high risks of potential damage due to pit holes, gravel and lesser road conditions.

Generally, wheel lift towing has its own ups and downs. Being one of the most commonly used methods for numerous positive reasons, it is still undeniable that it has its own drawbacks. It’s easy, efficient, less expensive and accessible, but will only be at its best in unique scenarios.