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Flatbed towing

Most of the times, flatbed towing is the preferred option for a towing service in accidents or breakdowns. At the same time, flatbed towing is also considered as the safest way of transporting vehicles; however, flatbed towing services are known to be a more costly investment among other types of towing services.

Due to the usage of heavy flatbed trucks with much greater strength, flatbed trucks are often used in scenarios where heavy and low vehicles are needed to be transported. Vehicles with a lowered undercarriage are prone to damage when using other tow services such as tow dollies and wheel-lifts, as bumpers or exhaust pipe may hit the road and will result to dents or cracks. But with flatbed trucks, this problem is prevented.

When in the debate between using tow dollies versus flatbed tow trucks, one factor that might affect your decision is the car’s drive wheel type. A tow dolly works best with FWD cars, but if used in AWD cars, it may cause serious damage to the car’s transmission. In this case, a flatbed towing service is the safer choice.

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In flatbed towing, the vehicle is securely lifted off the road and firmly strapped in the truck the entire time, resulting in a much safer transport. If your car will be transported to farther places, a flatbed tow service is the best option. It will be the safer and more secure choice, as the vehicle has lower risks of undergoing external damages.

After a severe car accident, towing is necessary to avoid further damages and minimize extraneous obstructions. Consequently, in this case, flatbed towing is the most advisable choice. Cars that have intense damage require a more secure transport, which is achievable in flatbed towing. Old and rusted junk cars are also highly encouraged to be towed using flatbed trucks.

Lastly, a costly classic car or sports car is best towed with flatbed tow trucks. It is imperative that the risk of resorting to other methods of towing exposes your car to damages, but in flatbed towing, these risks are eliminated.

Even though flatbed towing implies a more expensive investment, it is the safest way of transporting vehicles. Additionally, it will be the wiser way of transporting huge and low vehicles. Overall, flatbed towing is recommended if these criteria are met when deciding to avail a towing service.

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