Battery & Jumpstart Assistance in West Palm Beach, FL


In some cases you may face a situation in which you need a battery or jumpstart assistance.

Battery & Jumpstart Assistance needed?

Wellington Towing offers car battery & jumpstart assistance services. We are here for you!

Below are the most common reasons why your car needs a battery and jumpstart assistance:

  • Leaving lights on for too long

If you leave your headlights, flashers, and interior lights for too long even if you are not driving, you are wasting too much battery. This also gets weaker if you add your on radio.

  • Air conditioner

Car air-conditioner eats a lot of battery so using it even if your car is not running can lead you to a dead battery sooner.

  • Stagnant car

If you kept your car in storage for a long time, it definitely needs a battery and jumpstart assistance. This applies to all cars that were left stagnant for a long time without starting it.

  • Poor battery maintenance

If your car has poor battery maintenance or none at all, your battery will get weaken then fail faster. Keeping proper battery maintenance includes keeping your battery terminals clean.

  • Failure of the diode bridge

Failure of Diode Bridge, which is also called as the voltage regulator in your car’s alternator can lead to battery problems. Take note that the alternator is the one that charges your battery while your car is working.

  • The weather

If you think that the weather can’t harm your battery, think again. During a cold weather, your car battery may freeze when the temperature drops too low.

What should you do as soon as you encounter battery problems? Call your roadside assistance service provider as soon as possible.  Don’t leave your car while in the middle of the road, and don’t entertain other motorists right away. Lock all your car doors and close your windows. If you think that it is safe enough to push your car on the safe side of the road, do it then get back inside. Panicking will never do you good so stay focused and alert on your surroundings.

In case of an emergency, don’t hesitate to call Wellington Towing for battery and jumpstart assistance.