Top 4 Things to Do While Waiting for Your Professional Towing Truck

Nothing gets more frustrating that getting stuck in the middle of the road with unfinished errands. If you think you already did everything on your knowledge to fix your car and drive it safely, but nothing still works, it is better to call your roadside assistance provider as soon as possible. If you got your roadside assistance from a reputable company, you can make sure that you and your car will be in good hands.

But what will you do now after calling your roadside assistance service provider? Isn’t it more frustrating to stay in your car while waiting for a professional towing truck to arrive? Whether you like it or not, there are the top 4 things that you need to do while waiting for a professional towing truck to arrive. These top 4 ways will ensure the safety of you and your car:

  • Make safety markers around your car

Be sure to turn on your hazard lights even before calling for a professional towing service. If it’s possible to get out safely, put safety cones in front and behind your car to warn other vehicles then get back inside. Never leave your car if you’re in the middle of the road or dangerous highway and secure your seat belt.

  • Prepare your car documents and other belongings

You would need your driver’s license and your insurance information when your towing service arrives. Prepare your car registration and important belongings that you don’t want to leave in your car while it’s towed.

  • Never trust or speak with other motorists

You can never tell when bogus concerned motorists will stop by your car and trap you into a scam. There might be a motorist that can pretend to be tow truck driver to victimize poor motorists like you. Keep your doors locked and lower your window a bit only when speaking to other motorists. Tell them right away that your tow truck is already on its way. Never be fooled by other people’s appearance so stay alert while waiting.

  • If you think you’re unsafe, alert your tow service company ASAP

If you are stuck in an unfamiliar place or deserted place and you are not sure how safe is it for you to stay there waiting, alert your tow service company as soon as possible. They can contact a police officer that can pick you up or cover you up.

In times of emergency, be sure to get a reliable and professional towing company on-call. Contact Wellington Towing for further info.